Week 3 with the triplets

Wow…so I wanted to write more often but I’ve been a little busy lately.  LOL.  We are getting in a groove though so I will have the time to sit down and blog more often moving forward.


Vivi, Quinn, and Rowan

The triplets are now 3 weeks old.  For everyone wondering what that’s like…honestly, it’s easier than I had expected.  They are pretty good babies.  They need to eat every three hours and each one takes about 30 minutes to feed, change, and burp…then they sleep until the next feeding.  So by the time we finish all three, we have about an hour and a half before we start the process all over again.  Doesn’t sound too bad, right?  Well, we do have a very active toddler in the house that we are trying to potty train.

Thank God my mom is here until after Father’s Day weekend.  She manages Kai most of the day, helping me feed and entertain him.  She is a teacher by trade and currently runs an adult day center called Charlene’s Angels for adults with special needs (yes, she’s basically female Jesus) so she is pretty much putting him through homeschooling as well right now.

Speaking of Kai, he has been fantastic big brother.  We really worked with him ahead of time to prepare him for the babies and man has that paid off.  He absolutely adores the triplets and hugs and kisses them whenever he gets a chance.









So all in all, we are getting through the first few weeks unscathed.  They eat more and more every day and are becoming more aware and looking us in the eye and even smiling sometimes.

I definitely do not pretend to be an expert on raising kids, but I do have wonderful resources at my disposal so if anyone out there wants advice on baby gadgets, how to make life a little easier with kids or just a kid, please feel free to reach out.  I am signing off for the evening…I wanted to keep this short and keep everyone following already updated.  Look for a stories, advice, laughs, and love in the posts to come.


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