Months 2 through 5…

So…our night nurse left shortly after my last post and I haven’t slept since let alone had time to blog.   (Kidding…kind of).  Anyway, we have some catching up to do.


So we made it to two months.  It was my turn to take over night duty and I was feeding the babies every 2-3 hours.  It would take about 90 minutes to feed each one and then, if I was lucky, I would get about 90 minutes of consecutive sleep.  I moved our sleeping sofa into the nursery and just stayed in there overnight.

IMG_4235.pngWe decided to brave our first family outing for 4th of July.  We took all the kids up to Malibu and let’s just say it was WAY easier to take Kai places when he was that little.  For any of you reading this expecting triplets…just make the decision that you’re going to stay home/local for the first 6 months.  You will all be much happier for that decision.  IMG_4170.jpeg

Month 2 did not pass so quickly since I was not sleeping much but we made it and each day was getting a little easier.


The question I keep getting asked is, “How do you do it?”  I usually give one of two answers depending on my mood.  “What’s my alternative?”  or the real answer…that it’s just like raising one baby, except you have to do everything 3 times.  To say it’s time consuming is an understatement.  3 bottles, 3 diaper changes, putting 3 down for a nap or bedtime, 3 baths.  I cannot possibly give each one the time and attention that I gave Kai when he was young, but I’m definitely trying my best.  And my solace is that they can entertain each other as well.  And that they have the BEST big brother in the entire world.



What a lot of people who do not have kids do not realize is that each child is born with a unique personality almost from day one.  As parents, we are lucky enough to have the privilege of instilling values and shaping that personality.  We do not, however, create it. My son Kai was curious from the day he was born.  With the triplets, their personality are even more evidenced because I have something to compare them to…Quinn is kind and gentle.  He smiles all the time and when he cries (which is rare) it is as if you hurt his feelings.  Vivi is just a sweetheart…when she smiles at you, her entire face lights up.  She looks at the world with an intelligence that I have never seen a baby possess.  And then there is Rowan.  She is basically me.  She can be the sweetest baby in the world and then if she is upset or bothered…she lets out this unearthly wail.  None of my other kids even come close to the excruiciating sound that comes out of her mouth.  She does not sound like her feelings are hurt or even that she is in some time of pain.  She sounds (excuse my language) pissed.  LOL.  I have a feeling that she and I are going to have some fights in the years to come 🙂


That catches us up to month five.  I am sleeping in my room again.  Most nights, I put them down by 7pm, sleep feed at 10pm (which only takes me 45 min to an hour now), and then they sleep until 7am.  It’s heaven.  Every once in awhile Rowan will decide that she wants to wake up at 3am just to be rocked back to sleep 😉  But that’s okay.  This is the last time I’m going to go through the infant stage and I am trying to cherish each and every minute of it.  As much as I look forward to taking them all swimming in the ocean or watching them run around and chase each other or having them all be able to get in the car and buckle themselves in…I do not wish for ANY of that to arrive too quickly.  I never felt this way with Kai because every day was a milestone and and I knew I was going to have more kids to experience it with again.  Now that we are done having children…I secretly mourn the passing of each milestone knowing that it is my last (until I have grandchildren).

To anyone reading this who is deciding if you want children.  You do.  Just trust me on that.  To everyone out there who already has children, let me give you a little advice I am learning daily from having 4 kids within 20 months of each other.  One of the most frustrating things, at least for me, is that I try to enforce my will on my children and control them all the time because I think I know what’s best.  Eat your breakfast, it’s nap time, we are ALL going to play over here.  Well…each one of my kids usually has their own ideas about every single one of my opinions.  My advice is to breathe…remember they are little people.  They have their own ideas, dreams, wants, desires…even as young as 5 months old.   Guide them as best possible, but let them be in charge of their own little worlds.  Let the control go a bit.  And enjoy every moment…even the ones where you are at your wits end because one day they will be adults, living in their own houses, leading their own lives, and all you will want is for them to be little again, screaming, needing nothing more than the comfort of your arms so that their world is right again.

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