Back to School

So…back to school is no joke. I always wondered what the big deal is, but now I get it. Kai only had two weeks off in between his previous school and his new one. However, getting back into a groove definitely took some doing and after the first week, I was seriously questioning my sanity. Now part of that is that week 1 at his new school is “transition week” so they had us stay at school with the kids Tuesday-Friday, 8:30am-12pm. My gym time is normally at 10am, so lack of excessive definitely contributed to my stress. And though Kai is fine with me leaving him at school, it took him a minute to get adjusted to all his new classmates and how to share once more.

Week two gave me hope again, with Kai being his normal, sweet self. His favorite thing now to to tell my how good he did or how nice he was to everyone after he finishes school or one of his extracurricular activities.

In the end, I’m not sure if it’s more difficult having the four of them home all day long or our new schedule. I think now that we are back in the groove, the schedule works but in our house, things are constantly changing and evolving as the triplets (and Kai) get older.

For anyone interested in how it works with a family of four, 20 months apart, here’s my week:

7:00 kids up

7:15 breakfast

8:00 get Kai dressed

8:30 school starts

11:00 triplets nap

12:00 pick Kai up

12:15 Kai lunch

1:00 Kai naps

1:30 triplets wake up

1:45 triplets eat lunch

3:00 Kai wakes up

3:30 Either Music, Gymnastics, Piano, Swimming, or Hip Hop Dance Class

5:30 Dinner

6:30 Bath

7:00 Triplets bedtime

7:15 Storytime

7:45 Kai’s bedtime

By 8pm, Dad is normally exhausted and ready to just sit in silence for an hour. However, I still wouldn’t change anything for the world.

I will say that I don’t know what people did years ago without today’s technology and I’m hoping that it continues to keep pace with my children so that when I have to start worrying about them having four different activities in four different places, we will have self-driving Uber’s that can safely deliver them to their practice or whatever. That’s a problem for another day though.

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