Happy Birthday to Me

I woke up this morning and realized I was 38. I ran a company for 10 years and then retired overnight to be a full-time Dad the next day.

It is a full time job that pays nothing. I cannot quit or be fired. I get 4 performance reviews almost daily. I have to pay all my own expenses. I’m on call 24/7 and I have no sick days. And it is the absolute best job in the entire world.

I got to get Kai out of bed this morning and get him ready for school picture day. The kid has a million smiles and he and I worked on the one he should use for the picture that Papa will put on his desk at work.

I had the pleasure of seeing Quinn crawl backwards down the stairs, tell me with a sign and his words that he wanted up into his seat and a banana.

One of my favorite things I see every day is the second I walk into the girls rooms. The smiles on their faces, the excitement of the new day, and the word Dada escaping from their lips the second they see me is happiness beyond words.

There are still difficult days. Sometimes I miss working. Sometimes 1 or all 4 have a rough day. Once in awhile, the days seem a bit monotonous because I spend so much time at the house. But there is not greater joy and no greater birthday gift than being a Dad to these four.

Kai, Vivi, Rowan, and Quinn are the four chambers of my heart and pump life and love through my veins. Thank you for these blessings and happy birthday to me 🥰

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