We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!


So traveling with kids.  Let’s talk about it for minute.

I used to travel for work ALL the time.  I could pack in 10-15 minutes.  I could get from my house through the airport and to my gate in 90 minutes max.  I never checked luggage.  Oh, and I got to relax and read on the plane.

NOT ANYMORE! 🙂  Now I have to start packing weeks in advance to make sure I have everything I need for the upcoming trip and that it fits.  We have to schedule a car service if flying and if we do not have enough adults to hold all the babies, then we have to arrange for car seats.  When we went to Hawaii over Christmas, we needed an extra car for our 14 (yes 14) bags.  Four of those bags are just for the two strollers and extra seats.  Two were for my parents.  That leaves eight full of diapers, food, bottle, formula, toys, and extra everything.  We leave for the airport 2.5 hours before our flight and found a wonderful company that assists us through the airport to the lounge and then our gate.  It is a process.  Plus, we are their constant source of entertainment for the entire flight.  Forget enjoying a meal, reading, or taking a much needed nap.

Now I always said that my choice to have multiple kids would never take away from us being able to give them all the experiences I had growing up, especially traveling.  So we brave it.  And the kids are actually all really good travelers.  Except when it comes to sleeping.  At home, they sleep a solid 12 hours a night.  On vacation…not so much.  They were maybe 7 months old when we went to Hawaii and everyone ended up having to sleep with a baby the entire trip.  They refused to sleep in their portable cribs.  Fast forward to Easter in Santa Barbara.  Nope.  Almost 1 year old and Marcus and I have all 4 kids in the bed and did not get much sleep at all.  So, I decided that before heading to Cabo in August, we would take a little mini trip down to San Diego and see how they do now that they were almost 14 months.

We drove down to San Diego which is about a 3 hour drive and they all did fantastic in the car.   It was about 1pm when we arrived at the San Diego Zoo and they loved all the animals.  We got to our hotel, the U.S. Grant, around 6pm to give us time to rinse off, change and go downstairs for dinner.  Now they were wonderfully accommodating and set us all up in a private dining room and they kids all sat through an almost 2 hours dinner and ate very well.  So I thought, hey, super smooth so far and they have to be exhausted so we’re good!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Now I don’t know whether it’s a new environment or that they are all constantly teething now, but Quinn refuses to sleep in a portable crib but he also will wake up if you have him in the bed (I think he gets too warm) and then he lets loose a blood curdling scream.  When we just had Kai, there were two of us and one of him.  He always slept between us and if he got up, one of us would rock him back to sleep and that was it.  Now when Quinn lets loose, there are 3 other kids in the room.  It is instant panic mode.  You do not want the other babies to wake and cause a chain reaction.  In San Diego, he woke up Rowan (who does NOT like to be woken up…not sure where she gets that…lol) who in turn, lets out a scream of her own.  Vivi and Kai were angels and slept through all of it, but Daddy and Papa once again did not get much sleep.

We did SeaWorld on the way home the next day and again, the kids were fantastic and loved all of the sea animals.  We did not see the Orcas out of principle, but we pretty much saw everything else.  And I will say, not having to deal with formulas or bottles anymore is a game changer.  It’s one less suitcase to pack and they can eat packs on the go in between meals.

So…wish us luck for Cabo next month.  They are now able to walk so they will want to be up and down the aisles of the plane and don’t understand why they have to stay in their seats for takeoff and landing.  Bless my mother for getting them all Fire tablets on Prime Day.  It should be enough to distract them temporarily.

One last little tip or piece of advice to all the parents out there who think traveling is just too much.  When you (and your children) look back on their life, you are not going to remember your child throwing a fit on the plane.  You won’t remember the stress of losing one in the airport for a split second.  Lost or delayed bags will be a distant memory.  Even the lack of sleep for the entire week of vacation will not matter.  The memories you make on those trips though will be remembered forever and they will shape the adults your little humans end up becoming.  I know schedules are easier, monotony prevents chaos, but what kind of a life is that?  Push yourselves.  Teach your kids that sometimes, the most difficult things are the most rewarding.  And get out there and travel.  Expose them to other cultures, different ways of life, people who grew up drastically different from them.  They will be better for it.


1 year mark!


So we made it!  One year.

Anyone else who has multiples will most likely tell you that the first year is the hardest.  We were blessed with pretty easy, healthy babies and it was still just a LOT of work.

They are all sleeping through the night now.  7pm-7am.  Quinn and Kai share a room and they always seem to get up earlier than the girls.  The girls, who also share a room, usually like to sleep in about half an hour later than the boys.

NO MORE BOTTLES!!!  This is huge…I feel like I have been washing bottles for the last 3 years of my life (in actuality, it’s only been about 2.5 years of my life).  It’s kind of strange to realize that you are completely done with something.  With Kai, I saved everything, knowing that I would hopefully have to get it all out again for our second child.  Now, I’m packing everything up to send to friends who are expecting and it feels great 🙂

A lot of moms ask me if I am going to miss the baby phase, mostly because they do.  I can honestly say that I loved every single minute of it.  But no, I am not going to miss it to the point where I want to go through it again.  God gave us 3 this time…and doing everything 3 times…well, you definitely get your fix.  I am looking forward to the next stages of life with them (as long as they do not come and go too fast).

So what is next on the docket?  Well, Quinn is fully walking and though the girls can walk if they want to, they choose to knee walk.  I have never seen another baby do it and I’m not sure whether it was Rowan or Vivi who started the hot, new trend but it does not seem to be going anywhere.  Teething.  When you are a new, expecting parent, soooo many other parents warn you about what lies ahead.  The only thing that has ever come close to being as bad as I was warned is teething.  It is absolutely miserable seeing your kids in terrible pain and not being able to do anything about it.  We go through boxes of Camilia and if it gets unbearable for them, I will resort to Tylenol.  We have every freezable and non-freezable teether on the market and free damp washcloths as well.  It took the triplets so long to start getting their teeth that they are now getting 2-4 all at once.  Poor Vivi hardly smiled last week which is tough to witness when she normally smiles about 100 times every 10 minutes.

Kai finished his first year of school.  It was almost surreal.  He started summer school last week and they swim every single day.  He starts his new school right after Labor Day and I’m applying for that school for the triplets next week.  In my head, they would always have a year in between them in school since they are almost 2 years apart.  Because of their birthdays and the school cutoff date though, they will actually be in back to back grades.  Fun for them but Dad is going to be an absolute wreck when they all leave for college almost at the same time.  Marcus tries to console me saying that at least one or two will decide to go into the arts and live at home while the other two are at college.  LOL.

That’s a wrap for their yearly update. 6841B424-D1F4-4FA2-ADF1-084932FD0BD2.jpeg


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First off, I want to thank you for viewing my blog.  I’m new at this…not being a Dad (I’ve been doing that for 20 months now) but blogging.  Enough people have told me to start one that I’ve decided it was time.  Time to offer my advice, share my struggles, and hopefully entertain you.  Please feel free to laugh at or with me 🙂  Whether you are raising kids, raised kids, want kids, or just wonder what life is like with a toddler and newborn triplets, I know you will find something of value in the posts yet to come…